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Nurturing a Love of Learning

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Our Community

St John's Catholic Parish Primary School

St John’s is a vibrant community with strong parish and local community connections.


Useful Documents & Policies

Care, Safety and Welfare of Students
Child Safety
Complaints Handling

Before & After School Care

Welcome to OSHClub, provider of Before & After School Care Programs at St Johns Heidelberg Primary School!
We’re all about creating happy memories for your little ones. Our programs are designed so that every child, no matter their age, skill level, or interests, feels included and has fun.  We offer a diverse range of experiences before school and after school and focus on
building knowledge, skills, and behaviours that help prepare your child for a world yet to be imagined.  You can be confident that your child is in safe hands with our highly experienced and passionate educators. Whether your child attends OSHClub daily or casually, each visit is an exciting new adventure with yummy food, exciting clubs, activities, mindfulness, and so much more!

Enrolling with us is easy and completely free. Head to our website, or call our Customer Service Team on 1300 395 735 to enrol and book in today.


St John’s Catholic Parish Primary School recognises that clear communication underpins strong home–school partnerships. The school aims to develop clear, two-way communication that fosters a strong community network and supports student learning. A summary of the tools used to communicate with parents include:

  • Seesaw App (communication about learning)

  • Flexibuzz App (communication about absences, administration matters, upcoming events, reminders, permission slips)

  • Newsletter (fortnightly summary of school news)

  • Email (individual communication with teacher)

  • Website (policies and general information)

Partners in Community (PIC)

St John’s Catholic Parish Primary school is a vibrant and happy community, with the students at the centre of all we do. The PIC committee plays a significant role in enhancing this wonderful atmosphere.

The PIC encourages and maintains a positive social atmosphere within the whole school community. This committee promotes social activities and assists with the ongoing physical  improvements in the school, by setting annual fundraising goals and planning fundraising events to purchase furniture or equipment, in collaboration with the Principal.

PIC fundraising also occurs via the following online store:

School Advisory Council

School Advisory Council Vision

The School Advisory Council (SAC) works towards supporting the school in its role of developing the students’ spiritual, intellectual, emotional, physical and social capabilities and capacities.

The School Advisory Council provides advice in assisting the school to pursue excellence in all areas of school life, including the development of Catholic faith, academic dimension, student wellbeing and community relationships. The School Advisory Council works towards ensuring that all members feel supported, valued and encouraged to participate in the life of the school.


Role and function of the School Advisory Council

The School Advisory Council acts as a forum for discussion on matters concerning the holistic education within the school.  It brings together in a spirit of cooperation, the Parish Priest, Principal, parent representatives and teachers from the school, so that responsible and informed advice can be given to the Parish Priest and Principal. Through membership on the School Advisory Council, each member assumes an important leadership role in the ministry of the school.

Parent Volunteers

Volunteers have an opportunity to be part of the learning process for students at St John’s. Our volunteers develop an enhanced sense of personal satisfaction from having an opportunity to give back, to share skills, experience and expertise and to learn.


Our school utilises volunteers in a range of capacities. For example, there are volunteers who regularly assist in the classroom, with school sporting activities, as members of the school Advisory Council and Partners in community. There are also volunteers who assist on one-off or more limited occasions such as accompanying a class on a school excursion, helping out with the school production or participating in a working bee. Each of the volunteers in the examples above is likely to be engaged in ‘child connected

work’ and therefore the school must ensure that they comply with the requirements of the Child Safe Standards.

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